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Khóa điện từ, chịu lực lên đến 800kg. Nguồn 12VDC / 24VAC

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: 2 năm
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: Còn hàng

Khóa điện từ HIKVISION DS-K4H250S


-Khóa điện từ chịu lực lên đến 300kg.

-Nguồn điện cung cấp: 12VDC (500mA)/ 24VAC (250mA).

-Trọng lượng: 2.1 kg.

-The magnetic lock supports static linear thrust of 300kg;

-The power supply can be customized to be 12VDC or 24VDC, and the default voltage is 12VDC.

-It is equipped with internal voltage dependent resistor (MOV).

-It is applied to wooden door, glass door, metal door and fireproof door.

-LED indicator displays the status of door lock;

-Signal output of door lock status (NONCCOM).

-Anti-residual magnetism design.

-Abrasion-proof materials.

-The shell is made up ofaldural and is hard anodizing electroplated.

-No mechanical failure, and the magnetic lock works by electromagnetism force.


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